Hi im a newbie to wiring and I have a squire strat and im taking out the middle pickup and the bridge and putting a humbucker in the bridgeand the humbucker has a red wire that has a white thin wire inside and has some loose wire wrapped around it and I removed the tone knobs and im just using a volume knob and im ordering a 3 way pickup selector and I would like to know how to wire the humbucker and the single coil neck pickup to the volume or the pickup selector which ever one is right I just kinda need a diagram would I solder the white wire from the humbucker to the pickup selector or to the volume knob and would I do the same with the single coil which has a white and black wire coming out of it anyways I basically need a diagram and the humbucker only has on red wire and a white in the inside of it and that other non protected wire was wrapped around the white one and I got the pickup out of a b.c rich so if you guys could help me out and post a diagram that be great thanks a lot
This should give you a good start, with the following alterations for your situation.

1. Obviously you have a signle coil. That doesn't matter, they're both just 2 wire pickups. So
2. Ignore the red, white and green wires in the diagram
3. For the HB, its white wire corresponds to the black in the diagram and its loose wires are the bare
4. For the SC match its white to black and its black to bare.

Of course if you've ordered a 3-way blade then the wiring of that would be a little different.