Hey guys!

So I bought a Peavey XXX head a year ago and I feel like it might be time to get new tubes but i have a few questions on the subject.

I recall a website with a huge variety of tube sets (with a quite poor graphic interface if that helps :P) but I can't remember the name... Rings a bell? Also, when i visited the site, i recall there were various kinds of the same tube model (6L6 for example) Do you know what are the differences?

Also, my amp uses 6L6 but I know there's always a huge debate on this vs EL34's. Anyone feels like telling me the difference between the two?

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The website that has a poor interface and lots of tube sets HAS to be www.eurotubes.com

I wouldn't get too hung up on the various 'sets'. Some of that is good stuff and some of it is snake oil. The key is to order a matched set of tubes.

Now that that is out of the way. There is a point in time (and I'm guessing when I say post 2007) where the XXX could take either EL34 or 6L6 tubes. Before that, I believe you had to swap out the grid resistor first but maybe someone else here knows more about that.

As far as the differences go. They use different heater currents but tonally I don't think you will notice much difference in the two even if you ABY'd them with the exact same set up. Now, some will claim that the EL34 will have more mid range characteristics and more snarl and cut where the 6L6s will have a fatter bottom end and more bell like top end and be a bit smoother.

I can hear these differences but I have superhuman hearing.

The bigger differences imo will be in the brand. Some chinese shit will sound like crap while others will sound better. Some will be well built and others will not.

NOS tubes are almost always best but they are more expensive.
SED =C= are my pick but they are not cheap either.
JJ would be good too.
Mullard, GE and Tung Sol are good average tubes
Next down imo would be Ruby, TAD, Mesa, Penta, Shuguang. They are rebranded - they don't make their own tubes.
Then your Chinese stuff like Sovtek. Some Sovteks are OK

I like the EL34s myself

Nothing wrong with Eurotubes but they only sell JJs.

others to look at would be:
www.hotroxuk.com / www.watfordvalves.com (actually in Europe)
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It was the screen resistor, 311.
But yeah, very little difference. It only really comes apparent when you are running the amp intp power tube distortion. Master Volume at about >7 and channel volume dimed on that (or vice versa.) Do you play it that loud?

And Sovtek are Russian. You meant to say Shuguang I think.
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