A friend of mine has an old guitar box, full of Gibson strings, the box is black with a red Gibson text on it, beneath it, it says "Gauge Kit" in white. The box is full of strings varying in the sizes between .008 to 0.62, so they are pretty thick (!) strings.

Also says it's done by Gibson Accessories Division in Fleetwood Dr, Elgin.

Does anyone know anything about this? I will try to add pictures of the box later on.

Could it be a collectible?

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Most music stores still sell individual strings. The guitarist chooses the string(s) by gauge. What you have is the music store's box to facilitate this kind of string sale. You would probably have to ask Gibson how old it is. Whether it is worth anything is an open question. Sounds like a neat little curio, though.
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ebay it with no reserve.

put a lot of words like "vintage" and "gibson" in the description.
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