Hello guys and girls.

So i'm looking at turning my pc into a bit of a recording/general use.

now i know alot of people use software to imitate amps pedal ect, i'm just wondering what software people use? i'm abit of a noob unfortunately when it comes to this side of things, also connecting the guitar to the pc?

do i use a 1/4 by 1/8 Lead?
or get a usb audio interface?

any ADVICE will be helpful.

Sorry if ive posted in the wrong group wasn't too sure in which to post this!


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Never plug your guitar directly into your PC. It'll sound like shit and could break your sound card. You're going to need some sort of USB interface. I personally own a Line6 Studio UX2 (think I got it for about $300 give or take) and it's pretty good. Comes with a licensed copy of PodFarm which has a ton of amps and effects, and you can buy more if you wish. As for recording software, I hear Reaper is pretty good, but am yet to try it.
Recordings forum, interfaces sticky.
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