Hello people!

I've been playing guitar and bass for years, but I've never owned a bass myself. I was either borrowing from friends or from my dad. But now I've been thinking a lot about getting my own bass, so I began looking around what I should get.

I don't have much knowledge in the bass area so I'd need some help making a choice. I'd like something mid-range, preferably 5 strings. It would be used mainly for metal music (thrash or death) and I don't really wanna pay more than $700 CAD (I live in Quebec, Canada).

I took a look at the Schecter Stiletto custom 5 which is around $650 here, any opinions on it? Any other suggestion for instruments in that price range?
The Schecter would be a good choice, though for Schecter, I would rather have the Diamond P Custom 5-string for about the same price. Also take a look at the Yamaha BB425X 5-string bass.
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