I'm going to Long and McQuade (Canada's GC) in a couple days, and I think I've narrowed down the amps I'm interested to these two, the Mesa Boogie RA-100, and the EVH 5153 100 watt. I've heard good things about both, and my budget is about $2000. And just for ease of buying, I'm only looking new.

I'll be primarily playing metal, with elements of thrash, punk, prog-hard-rock, post-rock, and post-hardcore. Sorry if its not a lot to go off of. I'm also more of the lead player in the current band I'm in, (theres another guitarist) with the aforementioned metal elements, but I have another that gets together every summer that covers many rock subgenres. I'm pretty sure either amp could do this fine, so now worries here, right? I also like to dabble into post-rock, and am trying to implement the ambient-ness into the first metal band mentioned.

The other guitarist in the band plays through either a Crate GT1200, or an all tube (modded, no SS preamp) Line 6 HD Valve, or whatever its called. He usually has lots of gain going when playing heavy, or has a ton of reverb going when playing clean. As it is now, its hard to cut through the mix, albeit its with my little Engl that doesn't quite keep up, but I need to cut through over him and a very aggressive drummer.

What I'm mainly looking for are pros and cons of each. This is going to be my first time dropping some serious cash on a new amp, and I want to research this as much as I can.

My favourite influential bands would be Karnivool, Russian Circles, Alexisonfire, Opeth, Steven Wilson's projects, and Thrice.

Hopefully this makes sense, because its late. Thanks again guys. Sorry I've asked this question so often as well.
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I suppose out of the two the EVH. It should be way more flexible. I don't think the high gain of the RA will cut it for you.

But from your post I'm getting a strong Mesa Rectoverb or maybe a Tremoverb feeling.
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Have tried a 5153 a couple of times, great amp suitable for just about anything and has more gain than just about anything. Cons? I guess the amount of tubes (8! preamp tubes + 4 power tubes).

Don't really know much about the RA.

You might also want to look at a JVM/DSL and maybe a Rockerverb & Thunderverb but they might not be so suitable for what you play.
Out of those two I prefer the Royal Atlantic easily. The 5150 III I played sounded harsh and I could not dial it out. However, that was at a store where I didn't have my pedalboard with its assorted tricks. It wasn't a bad amp by any means, and I have heard bands (with guitarists far better than me) use it to great effect.

I have played a RA more extensively and every time I did, I left the store pondering what I could sell to afford one. Everything about it just sounds rich and full of harmonic detail. Nothing harsh at all. I played everything from clean stuff all the way to death metal and it handled it impressively.

I suppose the 5150 III might have a little more "cut" in a stock configuration so I'd really recommend demoing one, since you mentioned that's what you need. However, that's what a Tubescreamer is for. I didn't get a chance to try one on the RA, but it was one of the few amps I've played that I thought didn't need one at least for the purposes of tight metal riffing. For leads I could see a TS coming in handy.
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The RA gets my vote, I think that it will get everything you want, you may have to coax it a little with an EQ pedal and OD (something I recommend for every amp pretty much), but I think it would do it for you.
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Dementia, I know, I'm abaolutely terrible with this stuff, haha.

And Ippon, I'm nowhere near a GC in the US, and if they even did want to ship it to Canada, and get fvcked over by duty fees and the like, correct?
This post may contain my opinion and/or inaccurate information.

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Royal Atlantic all the way man. If you want some specific info on that amp just ask me. Has been my main amp for a couple of years and I'm sold... The high gain WILL cut, hell, Thrice uses a Royal Atlantic so does Bill Kelliher and Mark Morton... The amp is really bold and has a nice and healthy amount of presence, if you are playing with another guitar player you should cut the mids a little so he blends in the mix.

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I say the mesa.
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