I'd ask Google.
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has anyone ever come across legitimate deals on les pauls or marshall amps. Or any deal that actually is for a good and reputable brand?

Every time a music store says they have a deal it ends up excluding 90% of brands leaving only the crappiest that no one wants.
There are almost always deals going on -- pick a holiday (President's Day in the US is just past, for example).
Craigslist baby - best deals in the world if you look long enough and have cash. Picked up a Jackson Kelly KE3 with case for $175 yesterday. . . . needs a little work but it's a deal!
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Many times you will find if you just go into a store, GC for my area, you will find some good deals. GC has been blowing out PRS SE 245's, SE singlecuts's and an occaisionally a SE Custom 24 for under $400. I heard from a store rep that the PRS models were not great sellers and they would probably not be carried in the store for much longer. Judging from the inventory I see at the local GC's, there is probably some truth to his statement.
JVM 205h can be had for 1099 if its a restock somewhere. Not bad for a full warranty and 30/60 day tryout return policy
GC usually has better deals than anywhere else. I shop around everywhere, but most of the crazy deals I see are in the GC used section. You do have to ask the sales staff all about the guitar, and get them to send you photos and stuff, but the deals can be amazing.

My local GC doesn't have anything of worth, however.
I cant imagine how one of the best value guitars made, the prs se is so unpopular, but ill take your word for it.