Hello people,

I've been playing guitar for a few years now, and got into singing a few months ago... I played rythm guitar in my former band, and I'm getting into songwriting and producing my own songs now.

Producing the songs on my own, I do everything, but at different times... usually I program drums first, then record the guitars/bass and then record the vocals. I'm satisfied with the results... however, I've been thinking about starting a new band where I can sing and play guitar at the same time.. I started practicing ( singing and playing my own songs ) and I found I'm awful. I mean, the voice sounds good, but I miss the beat a lot on the guitar when singing. The parts I play with my guitar are fairly simple ( mostly power chords downstrokes ) and I know the songs by heart, so that's not the problem. I can play them with my eyes closed when not singing...but when I do both at the same time, my timing on the downstrokes gets horribly sloppy.

so, any tips other than "keep practicing"? Any particular methods you guys use to keep the beat going when playing and singing?

thanks a lot
yeah, just practice. Keep a metronome going and start out under tempo and work your way up.
Write your lyrics guitar in hand.....you have to have some dire skills to pull off singing and playing rythmically different parts....you'll tend to loose focus on one or the other. Sometimes its just down to practicing enough so that both lyrics and melody get etched in your mind....and remember lyrics first...sometimes you have to cut back on your guitars "busyness"...save it for solos or write 2 guitar parts and get a second guitarist when playing live
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Practice with really simple songs, and work your way up. Also learning the guitar parts, so you can play them without really thinking is good.

A couple songs you can practice, that i've found were easy for me was
Gravity by John Mayer,
Suck it and See by the Arctic Monkeys
While my Guitar Gently Weeps by the Beatles

Those 3 worked for me, and perhaps they will for you too. It's a start if anything.
well thanks to everyone for the advice, I'll just suck it up and keep practicing then, feeling like a noob again is always a nice feeling...I guess.

Guitardude DK: yeah I think it may depend on the kind of strumming/picking pattern. I can sing and play while my guitar gently weeps OK, but for some reason, songs that keep a steady downstroke strum are harder for me.

Back to the "studio" it is. thanks y'all.