I'm on the look out for a decent multi fx unit. Mostly for the convenience of being able to cover the ground for the couple of bands that I'm in without always tweaking the pedal settings and which pedals are on the board. I've owned a lot of pedals in my time and honestly there aren't many whose tone outweighs the convenience factor .

It's mostly about the drives. In my main band I might have two or three different drives and/or levels in a song, tending to switch between different textures, rather than just clean/dirty/boost for solo. I'm also quite fond of using quite mild drive - just on the edge of breakup - though I usually find it hard to get this from pedals.

I like delays but don't use them loads. Similarly chorus & flanger. I doubt I would ever use a pitch shifter. I use a wah but very occasionally so I don't mind using a separate expression pedal for that.

The Boss ME70, TC Nova System & Line 6 M13 are all on my shortlist because they're very stompbox focused - aside from setting for a particular song there's good scope for switching individual pedals on & off for jamming & mucking about. As such I'm not looking too hard at the Boss GT100. The Line 6 ME9 seems not quite flexible enough.

But the ME70 seems to have (non-switchable?) amp modeller and a single overdrive per patch. Similarly the Nova has a single overdrive/distortion pedal per patch. So if I wanted more variation within a song I guess I'd have to change patches, which would then change all the other effects, unless I duplicate them in the other patches (eg use 3 patches for 1 song, and have the same delay settings but different drive settings on each), which all sounds like a bit of a pain.

On that basis the M13 seems to be winning. But I'm not sure that switching between 3 different kinds of modulation and 3 different kinds of delay is a bit overkill for me. Although it's good that you get the option to route certain effects to the amp's effects loop.

Oh yeah, how it sounds it's probably quite important as well.

Any thought or input to sway me towards or away from the M13? Or suggest another unit?
If it's mostly the drives you're after on a multifx, I'd recommend the TC Nova. I also always like Zoom's G3/5.

Personally I'd avoid Boss as their drives are quite poor, but that's just an opinion.

Something else you might find worth considering is the Carl Martin Quattro. A couple of awesome drives, a compressor, delay and either chorus or tremelo. Mixed with the right amp, you'd have your different levels of drive plus a couple of extra effects if you decided you need them.
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