Hello friends,
Guitar: Ibanez RG 2620
Head: JCA 100 HDM
Cab: HB G212 Vintage

1. I consider about how can i raise a volume in solo cause i got only 2 channel in that head. Do you have some ideas? Maybe some OD or Dist, can do that?

2. I consider about daley or reverb effect escpessialy for clean like in dropped D songs.

3. Can u advise me some universal wah wah?

300 Euro for all.
Something to kick in during solos? A tubescreamer-type pedal in FX loop or any OD frankly. They have a little extra kick in midrange and you can adjust volume above unity for more volume (as long as there is headroom for it)

EQ pedal with volume slider should also work.

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You should have an OD anyway, they're always useful, especially for high gain. Get a used tubescreamer of some kind, or else get a digtech bad monkey or a joyo vintage OD.

To boost a solo, an EQ pedal would do, leave the EQ flat and raise the volume on the pedal. I would recommend a MXR 10 band.

A delay would be good, it can add some variety to the music you play.
The biyang tri reverb is an inexpensive but really nice sounding reverb, any tubescreamer type od is perfect to increase volume on leads. A cheap and good wah wah pedal is the Dunlop crybaby, but if you have a little more alot of people like a Morley Wah.
the loop on the jet city is slightly weird- you want to make sure any delay you get will work there. Try doing a google search, there was a thread about which ones worked on another forum IIRC.
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Just from my experience, the JCA 100h does not see NEARLY as much of a volume boost from my Fish n Chips, volume slider maxed out, as my DSL did with a tiny bump. Pretty odd. But the DSL has an fx loop button as well. Anyone have direct experience with JCA amps and volume boosts?
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Like mentioned, an EQ would work.

You could get a volume pedal, and just rock it forward for solos.

I personally just use the volume knob on my guitar, thru my JCA50H.

I do have a bad monkey that I kick on for some lead stuff as well. It really tightens my tone up.

The tube screamer and ZW44 work well with this amp as well.
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A good OD pedal used as a boost in front of the amp like a TS-9
An EQ pedal in the loop
A boost pedal in front of the amp like the EHX LPB-1
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For a wah I really love my Morley Bad Horsie 2. I know very very few people that don't use a Crybaby, but the Morley sounds a little better to me, especially with high gain, and I much prefer the spring loaded pedal. Definitely worth a look
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^+1 Morley wahs are what I use. I have the Bad Horsie 2 also and I like how you can switch from a classic wah sweep to a contour wah that you can set the sweep on. And it is pressure activated so no toe tapping, it turns on when your foot is on it
2002 PRS CE22
2013 G&L ASAT Deluxe
2009 Epiphone G-400 (SH-4)
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Krank 1980 Jr 20watt
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