Hey everyone! My first time on here and I have a question.

Let me introduce myself, I am Harry, please to meet you.

My question is, I'm going to start playing guitar very soon and I'm looking for a starter guitar. I've narrowed my selections down to the Takamine g320 and Fender CD-60.

Both look like nice guitars but from experience which would you say is better or rather pro's and cons?

Also which would you go for?

Any answers much appreciated!
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Fender acoustics never did it for me so I would choose the Taki. If you can scrape up another $100 you could get a Seagull which is a LOT more guitar IMO. Personal preference but many fine guitarists agree.
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Get an Alvarez AD60 if you are looking for a quality acoustic that looks,feels and sounds amazing at an great price. I have one and I' d take it over an over priced Martin or Taylor any day!!
Second the Alvarez. I have one, too. Every one of them I've seen personally have terrific playability and sound good too.
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