Hi, I'm searching for my next guitar, I need a superstrat with a Floyd Rose. I was considering buying some used Ibanez (RG550, RG2550, RG1620) but all good ones are gone… and I have a GAS on Jackson SL2 with Quilted Maple (because it's alder, maple neck with ebony fretboard and it's quite pretty with Quilted Maple top :3). But it's made in Indonesia (as far as I know, it's Pro Series) so I think about if ESP Ltd M-1000 (made in Korea) is better than SL2 and why? Or are all the rumors about bad quality Indonesian guitars based on experiences from 20 years ago?

And what is about that Elite Series ESP Ltd, there's some Japanese copy of M-II?! Have you had aby experience with this guitars?
I'd get the Jackson because I much prefer their necks to LTD's and the Pro Series are amazing-looking guitars. People who have owned guitars from the new Indonesian Pro Series haven't made any complaints about how well they're put together (or at least not yet) which is a good sign. Although the 1000 series LTD's are proven to be pretty rock solid as well.

They're similar guitars though. You can't go wrong with either of them.
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