Selling my Schecter Hellraiser C-8, the reason being that i simply don't use it enough to justify owning it. I bought it a couple of years back when i was very much into progressive metal stuff, and nowdays it more or less hangs on my wall while i other styles of music.

The guitar is practically in the same condition as when i bought it. There are no dents or scratches of any kind.

Bought it new for 10500SEK, which equals to 1616USD/1175EUROs. I am now selling it for around 900 to 1000 dollars, which equals to around 700-800 euros. The price depends on where you live and how we go about shipping it.

It is the glossal white finish, and the guitar comes with EMG 808 pickups. Additionally, if you buy the guitar i'll send you 3 sets of Ernie Ball 8-string slinky strings. (10 to 74 gauge)

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