Recently I've been really trying to use my little finger and when I try my hardest my fretting hand just spacks out and just does random s**t and it's annoying my little finger curls up all the Time when I'm not using it it's weird so I've got so used to it being curled down towards the g string or below the neck now using it messes everything and cramps my hand.

I've been trying like 1st 2nd. 3rd 4th and back down type of exercises and my hand won't work well and hurts cramps and just hates it.

Should I carry on my hand just doesn't do what my brains saying.
My middle finger and ring are to close together and are just separated by a fret litterally they just about get on the different note. I'm sure that must be normal they won't separate further my hand will end up getting injured.
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maybe start doing the exercise higher up the neck where the frets are smaller? that i should help you become able to move your little finger independently then as you could gradually move further down the neck to start increasing the range of movement.

also, don't force it, relax. the more you 'try as hard as you can' the tighter you get - at least thats true for me - if you relax, you fingers will be more loose and able to move.
Try an isolation exercise. Use only your ring and pinkie fingers, and play chromatic runs up and down the strings from the first fret to the 13th fret. Your hand will hate you for weeks, but if you stick with it, it works. I got that one from a Michael Angelo Batio guitar DVD. It was as miserable as he warned it would be, but it worked.
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I think I have so many bad habits to get rid of my fretting fingers are like slated towards the body of bass if that makes sense when I play to make it easier to move frets and reach (probably started doing this because I only use 3 fingers.

And when I play from middle to ring I'd have to shift my hand a little to get the ring finger behind the fret instead of in the middle as it doesn't stretch.

Like if I try one finger per fret does it matter if I have to shift if they can't reach and sit behind each fret because my hand will never stretch that much I've played for 3 years. It's not like I struggle keeping up speed it's just I don't know if I'm doing unnessacary shifting.
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