I wanted to get some personal opinions on how everyone is recording guitar and what might be the best option for my current set up.

key points:

I cant be to loud. I live in an apartment.

i have about 800 to spend

my current equipment are as follows:
-Fender am deluxe hss strat
-Focusrite Scarlett i8-6 interface
-NI Komplete including guitar rig
-KRK monitors
-2 sm-57s
-sterling audio condenser
-a small room with no acoustic treatment

so here are the options i have come up with so far:

-DI through guitar rig (what i currently do)

- Buy a nice 5w-15w tube combo (fender super champ, vox 15w) and build some kind of wooden acoustic treated box around it to record with my sm57s. Prob get a few pedals to get the distortion i want, etc.

-buy a line 6 podxt pro amp modeler ( not completely sure how to use that yet, but it sounds good from the reviews and might be something i could really use)

that is what i have so far and i understand that there is not "best" way and that a lot of people are gonna say mic the amp b/c its more of a real tube sound, but im looking for versatility also.

in general i want to be able to lay some great quality tracks down in different genres from blues to metal.

thank you for any advice.
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I'd just keep doing what you're doing now. The POD XT isn't going to sound any better than Guitar Rig, or any of the free VST amp sims available out there and the amp is going to sound small and boxy if you use an isocab with it.
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No need for a guitar amp if you live in an apartment. Record direct and use onboard digital modeling to get badass guitar tone. Modern DAWs have some excellent choices that might make the guitar rig obsolete. I record both ways and ProTools, Reaper and Garageband have excellent guitar amp sims.

Forget what other people say. You can get stunning results going direct if you know how.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
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thanks guys.. you have just saved me a ton of money. i am really good at using NI guitar rig and abletons amp sims and have been getting good tone out of that and i honestly think they sound great, and i am a for real about the right tone. but then a purist analog-or-die friend of mine came over and constantly said how much better my tone would be if i bought a small fender tube and mic'd it with my 57s. so yeah, that is the reason for this post