Im considering an Ibanez RG8 but with the ESP LTD H-208 at a similar price what would UG go for ?
last I was aware the Ibanez RG-8 had a 27" scale while the Esp Ltd H-208 had a 25.5" scale. So personally i would go for the ibanez because of the scale length. I have a RG-7321 which is roughly the 7 string equivalent, same pickups, bridge, body and neck materials, just a shorter scale length. I love my rg-7321 just needed a little intonation and action adjusting.
I would go with the RG8. I think Ibanez has the most comfortable 8 string necks (just my opinion). The 27" scale length is a big bonus, too.
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Personally, I would go with the 27" scale on the RG8. I wouldn't feel comfortable with an 8 string that only had a 25.5" scale, especially since I might end up tuning it down it a step.
Go Ibanez, standard 25.5" scale length will make anything tuned that low sound like shit. Even with heavy strings. I have an RG8 and I think it's great. I put in a Seymour Duncan Nazgul/Sentient set though because the stock pickups sound kinda crappy. I hear killing the tone pot helps too.
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