One of my students is very interested in a looper for practice purposes. I did some research and the digitch jamman express looper seemed one of the few he can afford.

Can anyone say whether this will be adequate for an amateur practicingplaying lead over chords?
A Zoom G3 would only cost a lil more and it has a better looper (2 switches) and is crammed with many more very usable practice features.
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my jamman is great and its pretty simple if you just want to practice with it, but you can get lot more out of it if you hoose to use it on a gig. i have the jamman delay (yea weird) but i was calling M123 to order the four button one and he tole me the one with the delays on it were cheaper than the starndard because it was a call in special.

i really like it. its got some form of computer compatibility but i don't use that.
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I would definitely take a look at the TC Electronic Ditto as well. Not the greatest in a band setting where you need to create and delete and overdub loops with precision, but as a phrase trainer, which is what your student seems to be after, it works quite well. It only has the one button as well, which is a good and a bad thing.
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Has anyone had any noise issues with the jamman or the ditto? I want to use a daisy chain, but I hear I can get a bit of a hiss.
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Anyway, I'd get the JamMan XT over the ditto anytime.
The XT's stereo and you can daisy chain with other XTs you may get in the future to have more control over your looping and it has leds indicating what's going one, while the ditto only has one.
Apart from this, they're the same thing.
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