Hey everyone I'm new in this corner of the forum as I spend most of my guitar techniques section, but I had a question I was hoping you guys could answer.

I've been playing guitar for four years focusing mostly on metal and have gotten pretty good. I am great at arranging and playing complex riffs and have an awesome picking hand, but I'm weak a chords and finger style. I figured a great way to improve this would be learning classical, but the problem is that I have no idea where to start. It's something so foreign to me and I was hoping that you guys might be able to help me find a starting point (ie: what techniques should I learn, composers and pieces to explore, etc).

Thanks in advance.
-Leo Brouwer's Etudes Simples, No. 6 is very popular
-Julio Sagreras's guitar method (it comes in a 6 book series)
-Sor Studies are good too, but might be a little tough to start out on. I haven't played all of them.