Hey folks,

I have a Epiphone Les Paul standard, going into a Vox ac4 amp. I like the tone in General but just feel its a bit ''weak'' for Blues so wondering if its anything to do with my pickups as there just standard Pro-Buckers? Would changing them make a difference? Whats the best pickups for a warm thick Blues sound to aid my tone?

In my "blues" Les Paul (which was my great-uncle's 72) I put in a set of Rio Grande Texas BBQ and they sound wonderful. They're also 4 wire so I have them coil-tapped.
I lucked up and found my set on Reverb for 80 bucks.
A larger speaker might make a bigger difference than pickups, in your case. My ac4c1's tone really opens up when I use a 12" extension cab. Not saying the stock speaker is bad, just a little boxy.
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Give RockMonkey pickups a look. I've got a vintage original in the bridge, it has a lovely thick tone to it - http://www.rockmonkeyguitars.com/humbuckers.htm
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The AC will give you a thin tone. Maybe you could to a music store with your guitar (or use theirs) and try some amps to see what difference it makes. If you still don't like the tone, then maybe consider swapping pickups?

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Its likely you don't need new pickups... try neck pickup / tone knob and a different amp / cab / speaker size before you spend money on pickups
seems like pickups aren't the issue. your epi had PAF style pups and that is pretty good for blues. perhaps you need to mention what tone you are after as just saying blues is about as useful as the guys that say metal. lot of different tones out there for blues. bb king, SRV and johnny winter have little in common tone wise or gear wise. not to mention all the original blues guys.