So I made a Death Metal song on Guitar Pro 5, well it's not really regular Death Metal you know, but I couldn't really call it Prog Death neither, I could say it's got some influences of Prog Death, Black Metal and that it may sometimes sound like Brutal Death Metal too, but you'll see for yourself

So let me know what you think, and if anyone is interested, he/she can add drums because it's really hard for me to write good death metal drums, and of course you are free to do it the way you want, but try of course to stay in tune with the song and make it sound Death Metal if possible, maybe a little bit Progressive, that's how you feel, and then send me back the song so I can not only hear but see it too, and maybe it'll help me understand how to write better drums

All rights goes to me and to the hypothetical writer of the drums :p
The Withdrawn - Mankind.gp5
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