So I just noticed that my earlier thread alerting this crowd to a pretty crazy deal going on right now was removed.

Now I know I'm new here, but I'm shocked that that sort of post is frowned upon in a gear sub-forum. I love jumping on good deals on gear, and assumed other people would too. I got my Schecter C-1 Custom because of a forum post alerting me to a crazy deal...same goes for some Perri's Leather guitar straps that I got for something like $2 each during some Christmas price-matching deal.

Anyway, the rules are the rules I know. I'm just sad that one of my first experiences here was one of censorship when I was just trying to spread the word.

Oh, and for the record, I'm in no way affiliated with the deal provider.
Sorry you felt that way, but we don't allow threads for the sole purpose of promotion. It's made clear in the rules. It also looks fairly suspicious when you sign up and immediately start posting about sales. We also of course have no way of verifying that you're not affiliated with the vendor you're promoting. So perhaps you can see where we're coming from. We've had too many spammers in the past to allow advertising/promotion threads.