I'm making a tab of the song hall of the mountain king and I was wondering if I've set the tempo twice too fast. I figured if I set it to 129, the fast parts like the one in bar 22 will be crowded since it would be 32nd notes. Opinions?
I mean would you reject/rate low the tab because of this?
Yeah it seems like you got double tempo here. Would not reject or rate low because of it, no, it's not relevant to tab quality. It's easy to fix if you want though.
Quote by fanapathy
It's easy to fix if you want though.

Could you tell me how? All I can think of is cutting every note in half then merging the bars. Seems like a lot of work (this is just a snippet of the tab).
^I assumed GP5 also had this function, GP6 Shift+ cuts all marked notes durations in half and then it would just be to copy that, remove half the bars and paste - or just paste everything in to a new tab. I can't find this here and going over it manually seems ridiculous. If you've already written the whole thing or most of it, this seems rather silly - I'd just submit it as is. Don't think this is important and people who want to learn the song shouldn't care