Im offered a nice greco les paul... Okay... The owner says that its a japan made 1983, with gibson custom shop electronics and pickups (obviously swapped) and even with a triple shot seymour duncan system (wtf is this?)

Can you say me whats it value? Its the swapped electronics a good thing or not? I heard this originally came with DryZ pups... But maybe the pups from a gibson custom shop are better?

Its a black beauty model and comes with a nice gator pink case...

Well im kinda concerned about the logo in the headstock, its not the typical of gibson, instead, it has the flower greco logo, and its smaller than others i have saw...

Its actually a 1983 japanese greco?
What do you think?

Sorry i cant help with your other questions, but the Seymour Duncan triple shot system is a pretty nifty thing!

It's basically a custom mounting ring for the pickups which has some sliders, so you can easily change phase, coil splitting and other sort of stuff! Looks pretty cool.
Swapped electronics always lower the value. Sometimes quite a bit. It doesn't matter if the guitar is "better" or not now, it is always most valuable when it has been untampered.

One Greco EG59-100 apparently sold for $1800. That's their '59 model, I guess. Yours is a Custom model, yeah? There are tons on eBay that ended without selling, listed at $1800 as well.

So minty, I would guess that it's worth about $1400, probably.

With all the swapped electronics and the Triple Shot, maybe $1000-1200.
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With the original DryZ PUs and mint condition, my '81 sold for $1500. I've seen some older models from late '70s sell for as low as $700, stock. The pricing is all over the place for MIJ LPs. You'll have to be patient. Have you asked MLP and LesPaulForum?
Hi thanks!
Just one more question
The inlay of the headstock is flower pot. The guitar is a black beauty. The truss rod cover doesnt say anything... Its 100% sure that this is a eg1000c Custom model? Ah its made in 1983
I dont know 100% sure if it had the dry z pickups... But there were actually more black beauty models besides eg1000c?
And its possible to be a copy? The serial is C831983 kinda funny that after the year (83) comes 1983... An enormous coincidence or just a fake serial?