Ok, so I'm just starting to look for a nice instrument, not dead cheap, yet not going to break the bank. Right handed, hard top (I think that's the term), classical. This one says 19 frets, but I'm unsure how many I should be thinking about!.

Your views, please? This is a UK-based shop.

I don't know anything about classical guitars, much less a not well known brand from Europe.

However, I can answer your question about frets.

The guitar you have pictured is a "12 fret" model. Which means the body / neck joint, occurs at the 12th fret. 19 frets sounds about right for a twelve fret guitar.

The more common body / neck joint location, (at least in steel string flat tops), is the 14th fret, and most of these guitars have 20 or 21 frets. With Les Paul & many other electrics, the standard is 22, and up to 24 fret instruments are available.

The 12 fret instruments are more common in classical guitars. However some makers offer a 12 & 14 fret option, even cutaway or not, in the same general model nylon strung guitar.

I notice you're looking at a cutaway model, and for me it makes little sense to combine a 12 fret body, in a cutaway guitar. That's just me, other's opinion, and of course, your results, may vary

Here it's going to depend if you're looking for a, "classical, classical", or a, "nylon string guitar".

True classicals generally have dead flat fret boards, very wide necks, and lack a cutaway.

I'd say you should consider what your end game is, before you nail down exactly what qualities in a are guitar are right for you.
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