Hey all...this is my first writing in a long time - trying to get back in the swing of things. c4c??? I'm curious as to how I could improve my styling and am open to tips on exploring new (or no) rhyme schemes. Sometimes I feel limited by my own voice, which seems to prefer a rhyme or half-rhyme most of the time. Anyway, let me know what ya'll think! Thanks

Appeared suddenly a phantom who kindly tore my shackles off
stream of conscious filled with broken dreams that float aloft
fragmented words unfinished with no breath to speak the thought
reflected in the mirror whose own image its forgot

look in the glass, from outside you'll find
an attic empty room as big as your mind
with cobwebs, dust and UV blaze
suspending your clutter between sunrays

trapping your thought in perpetual traffic, this
invisible gridlock of mindlessness matter
ideas half-formed in a wordless medley
Products of prescription of the powers that be

I marvel at the yesteryears and past lives I've forgotten
Racing the circular track of time, grown and harvested by death
Calcify my eye and place me among the downtrodden
So I can wonder how many times about the circle I have left