Hey everyone! I'm looking to learn bass. I posted on here when looking for a guitar, and bought my Epiphone AlleyKat, which I love. Now I need (want) a bass!

I'm trying to keep my budget low-$200 would be ideal. I have no problem waiting for a while. I play a lot of punk and ska, but want the opportunity to play other styles as well. Also, I'm pretty sure I want a 4 string. I mean that's what I've always envisioned a bass as, but if you think 5 string is better, let me know.

So with that said, what should I look for? I only see one nice Bass and amp on Craigslist right now, but what should I keep my eye out for? Any particular brand?

Here's the stuff I've seen on Craigslist:
5 string Ibanez

This looks too cheap to be good, Dean bass and amp

Fender squire jazz bass http://albuquerque.craigslist.org/msg/4307704105.html

Peavey amp

Ibanez bass and amp

Mysterious Ibanez bass and amp
-Can I keep updating this thread with new finds, or is that frowned upon?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I'm sorry to bunp this, but I'm almost ready to make an offer... The squier jazz bass looks nice- what do you guys think? Paired with the peavey amp?
The Squier Jazz seems to be the best of the lot. I find that people outgrow little box practice amps in very short order, so you might want to look at something bigger - at least a 12" speaker.
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