I have recently required a nice new amp, and I'm after a pair of contrasting mics to record in stereo, preferably something with a nice dynamic range. I'm aware of the e606 and sm57 setup.

Anyone got any other good amp recording mics?
The standard is a SM57 and a MD421.

But why do you want to do this?
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Why does it need to be diverse? Where you're placing the mic should make a big enough difference in frequencies captured alone - do it Friedman style, 2 SM57s, one straight at the grill and the other at a 45* angle pointed towards the other. Good stuffs.
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Standard thing to do is get a dynamic and a condenser:

Dynamics: 57, MD421, RE20, SM7
Condensers: C414, U87, SE do a few, there's one by AT that's often raved about here.

There's also ribbon mics, which when placed further away in combination with a close dynamic make an awesome sound. The 4038 is a great one.

Course many of these may be out of your budget! How much are you looking to spend?
Using two different mics is to record an amp is valid. Not sure about doing it in stereo, though. Only problem with that is, you're going to two different response curves from the mics, which could sound a little odd. I'd recommend using the two mics in mono and then blending their signals to achieve the sound you want. I do that quite frequently. If you want to record in stereo, I'd recommend two of the same mic.