FOR SALE: Ibanez RG2027 7-String Dual Output (Magnetic/Piezo) in Universe Hard Case

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This is the rare, coveted Ibanez RG2027. It's the only Ibanez 7-string with a piezo pickup in the floating trem system. I replaced both pickups. It has a PAF Pro 7 in the bridge (those astute among you might call me out and tell me there's no such thing. Indeed there is. I was endorsed by DiMarzio and Steve Blucher made it specially for me, telling me I'm one of three people to have one, Satch being one of the others.) and a PAF 7 in the neck. Having a Mahogany body, I took time to get the tone right. (I went through three sets of pickups on it.) It sounds amazing. Very clean, articulate sound. The low B doesn't muddy up. I also replaced the goofy 5-way pickup selector switch it came with with a DiMarzio 3-way.

This guitar plays better than any other guitar I've ever played. The action is low enough that playing is effortless, but there's still plenty of grip on the strings. It presently has D'Addario EXL-120-7s (.009-.054) which is what I always used on it.

The condition of this guitar is better than any of the other 2027s I've seen on eBay in the past few years. Everything works just like it did when I got it new in 2000. The trem has no discernible tarnishing. There is mild tarnishing on the tuning pegs. The fretboard is clean. There are a few minor dings on the body. In my opinion they're negligible. Refer to the photos.

The guitar comes in an Ibanez Universe case and with the whammy bar.

I am selling this guitar because I play primarily 8-strings anymore and I'm sick of switching between different string gauges and scale length necks. I'm simplifying.