Hey guys. I recently noticed a huge flaw in my right hand technique and was hoping you might know how to kill it.

I was randomly alternate between economy picking and alternate picking, and this will confuse my right hand and screw me up a lot. I want to switch to full alternate picking and get that down as best as possible.

Tips advice and exercises are all very welcome, thanks very much.
I used to play some kind of mix of alternate and economy too, and decided to make the switch to strict alternate picking. What I did to really get into alternate picking was practicing some sweep picking arppegio shapes with strict alternate picking. Really concentrate on your right hand while doing it. Do it slowly at first and use a metronome.

I'm not really a god of alternate picking or anything like that, but this worked for me and I think it's a great excercise, so give it a try! You can use any arppegios you want, but to make it musical (and fun), choose an arppegio section from a song you enjoy (do take in mind that if it's fast, you certainly won't be able to keep up with the real tempo). I personally practiced with ABBA's Gimme Gimme Gimme intro keyboards arppegio section :P
Tips advice and exercises are all very welcome, thanks very much.

What you have to do is "reprogram" your technique. Take anything that "confuses" your right hand, pick through it extremely slowly and make sure you do it perfectly every time. Soon you won't have any trouble.