I'm looking to buy a line 6 hd500x Or m13 to accompany my evh 5150 iii, I'm heading towards the m13 since i don't really need the amps in the hd500. Does anyone here run a m13 with there evh 5150 iii? Does it work flawlessly with it, I'm looking to eliminate the footswitch and use the m13 as the footswitch and I've read some issues with that. Please any info appreciated thanks.
You should take a look at a TC Electronics Nova System, much better imo. M13 is a bit of a toy in comparison.
Do you have a 5150 iii with the nova system? It looks more professional than the line 6 units but I haven't had a chance to play with any yet. I wonder how well the nova works with the evh.
No, but I do have a TC Electronics G-Major. You could have a look at one of those also and I think that could give you better switching options with a midi board than with a Nova. Though unlike the Nova or M13 the G-Major/2 doesn't have an overdrive but you can 'boost' the volume of a preset to increase the volume.