Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and wanted to ask a question about the Jackson Dinky DKXT guitar that I received from Musician's Friend today. I bought it new and it was completely sealed in a Jackson cardboard box (of course) It is a good playing guitar from what I can tell so far but here's my question. When places like Musician's Friend sell the guitars as new, are they REALLY new? The guitar I bought wasn't banged up or anything but there are some small marks on the pickups that shouldn't be there...nothing major but I wanted to see if anyone else has bought one as new and they had any small flaws. If anyone owns this model of guitar, I would appreciate any feedback on what you think of it. I know it's made in India, which I didn't even know guitars were made there. Thanks for any input you have!
Marks like cuts or scratches in the pickups? They are tested and played lightly after they are made. This is done by the Quality Control folks in the factory.

If it's just light scratches like from pick swipes, I wouldn't worry about it. Even the guitars at guitar stores are played and sold as "new".

It's very possible it was an actual return, but normally they sell those as "open box" or "used".
Well its never "new" some one has always played it. The factory builds it. Tests it super fast. Than ships it. It gets banged around. It reaches your country. Gets to a warehouse and gets banged around.

Ive had new guitars show up with small problems. Never anything big. If it bugs you have them send you a new one.
Those marks on the pickups may not even be the result of the guitar being played during QC or being banged around a bit during handling/shipping/etc. -- the marks could've been there even before the pickups were installed in the guitar. Some (really) small defects can be found in the different parts, since many are manufactured by different companies, in different factories.

But if you post pictures of those marks, we can try to identify their origin. A bit of C.S.I. work.

Btw, Happy New Guitar Day!
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