Hi everyone!
So here is the story: I just found this add on a local classifiede website and it does look like a Jolana Diamant to me. It says "Diamant" and I also thik, it is a vintage model (check out the pickups switch!) I don't know! That's why I'm posting here..
The guy wants 100 euros for it (arround 140$), and is like 1 hour driving form here, I don't know what to do, hop in the car and go for it?
It just looks so much like the Gibson LP black beauty..
Any advise friends?


Is the neck a v profile or is it the pics?
Bolt on?

If you're after LP type toanz, I'm not sure you'd get those from it. Greg's prob the best chap to comment.

100 EMU's isn't a lot to pay - can you haggle him down a bit more?

My verdict
Dude, -Ed-, thanks for the reply, but there isn't much I understood form your message... No LP toanz - meaning it wouldn't have an LP tone, right?
Assuming I got everything right, I just want to tell you, I'll be most likely installing Duncans Invaders in it. And it will barelly play any cleans, as I mostly play metal.
I just think it looks like a good old solid guitar, which could take some stress to it. It also has that mean, vintage apearance..
Don't think it's a V shaped neck, cuz if you look closely to the scratch, right at the middle, it is straingt.
Seller is not answering the phone, so I can only guess so far..
I'd buy it just for the hell of it.
I think it looks cool.
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if it plays great and sounds great, maybe?

i'm just not a fan of bolt on les pauls. there are plenty of set neck models to choose from these days and the quality of work will likely be much better.

good luck either way.
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It does look cool! Right? That's what I thought, it looks like a muscle car of guitars! Beastly, solid and heavy! I could imagine it with a set of SH-8 or 81/60, screaming like crazy.
I did manage to call the owner and he told me, the guitar is a '92, made in Czech rep., that it's all mahogany with a maple top.. and really heavy too (meaning it weights a lot! lol?).
And yes, it's a roller TOM bridge.
Damn I like it, although I'm not a big fan of boltons, but I don't really mind that.
I've asked him many questions regarding the condition and it's pretty flawless for a guitar this old with the only handicap - little marks/tranches in frets (from strings I guess, as the guitar would spend much time laying strings down). He says it doesn't buzz or anything, plays nicely.. I'll go check it out next week! If it's not all that bad and a fret dressing would solve those fret dings, I'm buying it!!
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