Hey guys. I haven't been around for probably 5 or 6 years. Haven't picked up a guitar in that long either. I learned a handful of songs 5 or 6 years ago using the great resources here and the tabs and really enjoyed. I got busy with other things and ended up selling all of my gear. Well I am getting the itch again and could really use your help in selecting the right guitar and your opinions on various training tools. So here goes.

I am looking for an electric guitar. My music preferences in order are as Country (Eric Church), Southern Rock, Alternative (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) and Classic Rock. I would love a guitar with a light and low action and I have small hands. I assume a tele or a strat is the way to go but would love to get your thoughts. My budget is about $300 and I know that is low for a really good guitar but would like the best bang for the buck. I am not opposed to "off brands". I had an Agile Les Paul and loved it. Also had a MIM Strat and an ibanez (can't remember the model). The Agile was my favorite and with the help you guys I was able to get it setup light and low. Only thing i didn't like about it was the painted neck, it was a little sticky. Anyway, it doesn't matter what brand I buy is my point, I would just like a quality guitar that can be setup to my liking.

Next I would like your opinions on some of these new teaching aids. I have a PS3, iPad and computer. I have read up on Rocksmith and it seems like it something that could really help with practice and getting me to stick with it this time. Is there anything similar for the ipad or computer that you guys would recommend and would be better? Ipad would possibly be the most flexible and easier to take from place to place. Is rocksmith all it is cracked up to be? Would love to hear your thoughts.

I am 41 and I have tried to learn guitar on multiple occasions throughout my life and for one reason or the other I always put it down after a while and when I come back to it, I have forgotten most of what I have learned. Learning to really play the guitar is a goal for me and I am just looking for the right tools to get me there this time. I would love to learn to play 20-30 of my favorite songs and have them sound recognizable. I know that does not come overnight but that is what I am looking to do. Thanks for reading and please respond with your thoughts.
a used MIM strat seems like a good plan for you. as for Rocksmith that might guide you through playing a song but won't "teach" you a damn thing about why the original player did the things in the song or how they fit together. knowing that is more important than just learning a song.
If you're only planning on playing through headphones and/or interfacing with your PC for the forseeable future, consider a portable digital modeling device like one of these (some are discontinued, can still be easily found):

Boss Micro-BR 4 track

Boss Micro-BR 80

Pocket POD

Tascam GT-R1

Korg Pandora Mini

Korg Px4

Korg Pandora Stomp

Korg Px5

Here is a visual comparison of (left to right) Tascam, my PX-5 and one of my Px4s to my old Aiwa cassette player:

Only the Tascam has decent acoustic recording capacity. All DO have features like tuners, metronomes, drum synthesizers, and digital amp & pedal modeling.

So with decent headphones, you can rock out like you were playing Texas Stadium. And yes, they are all about the size of an old Walkman.

The ones I own: the Tascam has the external mics, a phrase trainer (loop & slow down stuff for practicing), and takes SD cards. Both it and the PX5 can connect directly to your computer via a USB port. It is less powerful than the PX5, but, oddly, the PX5 does not have a belt/strap hook.

The ones I don't own: The Line6 PocketPOD is, I believe, the most popular device like this; the Boss might be the most powerful (and priciest); the Pandora Mini is the smallest (its about the size of a stack of business cards), cheapest, and least powerful.

When I first assembled this list, I noticed there were apps & accessories for iOS and Android devices that did similar things. I expect they're still out there, but I honestly don't know what they are. FWIW, I do know that DigiTech makes a multi-effects pedal called the iPB-10 that acts like a dock for the iPad. You hook it up, and it has an app that models something like 80 pedals and 30 amps- the docked iPad becomes the touchscreen interface for the pedal.

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The suggestions for MIM Strat or Tele are perfect for you. You will be well served by one.

As for practice tools - do yourself a HUGE favor and get this....I have it there is simply nothing better for a home practice, recording, effects tool period.

Boss e-Band (JS-8)

Tons of backing tracks, lessons, built in loops with key signatures/bass lines to play along with and filled with effects and amp models from the Boss-GT-8 multieffect processor. It can be used as an audio interface and it has SD card slot so you can play along with your own songs, set loops for practicing and slow tempo w/o effecting pitch and can even cancel out the vocal part of a song to concentrate on the guitar parts...you will not be disappointed.
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Thanks for the responses guys. I look forward to hearing more opinions. Thanks.