So I'm looking for a small home recording setup for acoustic and electric guitar. I'm looking to spend under $200 on a usb mic or a mic+interface. What can you recommend?
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Get a used POD X3 live or POD HD500 if you can find one in your price range. they have the ability to do vocals and instruments and also act as the interface. They can run a mic if you want one latter on.
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The recording forum isn't dead. Plenty of people over there that will help you. That being said, there's a sticky at the top of the forum with interface suggestions, for an acoustic, you'll want a condenser mic. I'd just DI your electric and use amp sims until you can afford a dynamic mic for your amp, though you can try working with a condenser there, too (I'm not a huge fan of condensers on electric guitars, though).
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If you boost up your budget a bit you can get a Focusrite interface, which are pretty good, and maybe a condenser mic. And as been said before, you can record your guitar via DI or Hi-Z input and use VST's to craft your sound.

And also as been said before, there are plenty of recommendations for small home studio setups.
If i boost the budget a bit and get a recording interface + mic could you recommend me mics that would work for both acoustic and electric guitar? Probably mainly electric
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