Hi guys,

Im in a bit of a split mind over these two: Cornford Roadhouse v Fender Deluxe VM

Im after a john mayer blues tone (ish) but mainly a nice solid rock tone like joe bonamassa.

Which one would perform better? I dont mind running a few pedals through to get the tone but have no idea which ones

The Fender VM series is less than impressive in my opinion. I'd go with the Cornford for sure.
John mayer?
Get a ceriatone dumble clone.

What's your budget anyway?
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cornford. pretty much anything cornford makes over anything fender makes. cornford its in my boutique top class series. imo they outclass fender in every way shape / form.
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^ they don't outclass them in terms of not being defunct

also the roadhouse was the cheaper not-so-boutique amp they did. pcb and cheaper. I haven't tried it.
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