Ibanez RG2550Z or ESP LTD MH-1000NT . Which one would you pick and why? they are round the same price range / Ibanez has 43mm nut width jumbo frets / esp has 42 mm nut width XJ frets - hard rock and metal -

Over all i would have liked them both to have XJ frets and 43mm nut width for my large hands !
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ibanez, it's MIJ.

it also has the neck width you like which is fairly important (unless you have no strong preference either way).

I doubt the ibanez frets are any smaller than the LTD ones, but I could be wrong. One company's XJ might be another's J, etc. etc.
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Ibanez frets are enormous, btw, on most of their RG's.

I'd take a MIJ Ibanez over an LTD any day.
I think it might be preference, I can't stand Ibanez Guitars
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Play both. I do not have much experience with Ibanez, but love my MH-400. I like it better than my Gibson Les Paul Studio. The Neck and frets are great and the EMG's (mine has the 81/85) sound great with heavy gain. I do not care for all the pearl stuff on the 1000, but it is a really good guitar.

Like I said, play both...Good Luck!
Personally id get the LTD. But ive not yet played a MiJ ibby yet.
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