I have hit a point where to my ears my Marshall G30R CD combo, although has been and is a great amp, is just not cutting it for what I want anymore. I have always been a rock player but more so recently I have become interested in grunge-stoner rock-hard rock type music. I love gain. I have been thinking about just buying a few distortion pedals to see if that satisfy's my need and just just my Marshall combo, most places I play at have PA support and my combo would be mic'd so that is not a problem plus I do love the portability of a small combo. I also however have been looking at 212 and 412 cabinets, mainly Marshall because I have found a few Marshall VS 412's for cheap.

I am not really trying to spend an arm and a leg but of course realize you do get what you pay for. As for amps, I have been recently interested in Oranges lunch box Terror amps. I cannot afford a bigger Orange amp and also the Dual Terror and as much as I would want want unless one can be had for less then the $500 average use price I cannot afford the Dark Terror either. So I turn my focus to either the Tiny Terror or yes...even the Micro Terror. I have heard in the way they work are much the same but are not the same obviously tone wise. But the portability of the Micro would be awesome. I have checked out YouTube vids and sound clips and the Micro is pretty remarkable for as small as it is. So that is my dilemma of what cab to get and what head or to just pick up like the Boss DS1 or MD2 or other distortion pedals/pedals and use my combo which could work and save me a little money too. Gahh!
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get a better tube amp. if you get pedals with your current amp you're likely to be disappointed.
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Tiny Terrors sound pretty good, but there aren't many clean tones in there. If you need any clean I would avoid it.

If you don't have the gain up a bit on the TT it just doesn't sound very good. I think you'd be looking for something else in a few months if you got one.

My recommendation would probably be something like a Fender Hot Rod and then add pedals as you get more time to save. You don't want to buy something that isn't going to cut it and then have to upgrade again later. The Hotrod is a very solid, versatile tube amp that goes used for bargain prices ($300-400) IMO.
Yeah, get a better amp.
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Try a Traynor YCS 50 or 90 best bang for your buck. Fender cleans with Marshall crunch!