Got an ibanez RG 1570

need to replace the pups

looking for suggestions.

Mostly play stuff like skid row and 80's style rock.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
dave sabo uses a peavey wolfgang, which im assuming has stock pickups but I cant really be sure. the other guitarist used custom strats, so they're up in the air what he used.

you could always ebay some wolfgang pickups, which probably would get you the sound you want, or you could try like a dimarzio tone zone, air norton, or super distortion... maybe an air norton s in the middle...

dimarzio PAF copies would be good too probably... or a seymour duncan set of some description... almost any of that would have passable tone, assuming you have the amp for it.

pretty sure skid row used a 5150 II, so that or a 6505 combo would probably work well. really the amp matters more than pickups, but you NEED a decent set of pickups too really...

if you wanna cheap out a bit, GFS crunchy PAT or vintage extra hot might be good. really theres lots of pickups you could use, but your generally looking for something with a bit less mids (not super scooped), and lots of lows/highs, with decently high output but not super high. you COULD use active pickups, I do in my carvin and can get a great 80s sound, but its not as authentic as passive pickups would be, and you might be dissatisfied with actives.

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What kind of budget?

I like the tones I'm getting out of my Tesla VR-Extreme HB and smoother Tesla Opus-S1 singlecoils in a HSS custom build. Tesla does make hotter singlecoils, though.

The BareKnuckle Rebel Yells are also excellent 80's style HBs.

The RailHammer Chisel would also fill the bill.
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The Super Distortion would work well for ya. I've got a Breed on my RG (bridge) and it sounds great. Been checking out the Air Norton for another guitar...I've heard good things about them.