I plan buy a new device for guitar home recording. I have also Pod Hd500. But I want to use tube amp recording. Because I really love raw sounds of Redbox and Palmer PDI09.

So My alternatives :

1-Engl e530-->Redbox(or palmer PDI09)-->Soundcard.

2-Blackstar Ht5 poweramp (speaker out)-->Loadbox (to play without speaker)-->Redbox(or palmer PDI09)-->Soundcard.

First option does not include tube poweramp signal.

Second option include fully alltube advantages (pre+poweramp signal.)

But I wonder it is important poweramp out or preamp out with using cab sim DI boxes. (Is there huge differences between them?)

Which do you prefer? First option or second?

First of all the HT5 isn't an all tube amp.
Second, I'm not even sure the palmer PDI09 is designed to recieve a power amp's output.
Third, what gave you the idea that you like the sounds of the Redbox and the PDI09?

The power amp and the pre are two huuuugely different things - the power amp is a device used to appreciably amplify the level of a signal to be fed to speakers, while the pre gets an high impedance (more than 10kOhms usually) and brings it to a level which you can work with.

In short, connecting a power amp's output sends out a far greater power, which could fry stuff like standard DI boxes, which I believe the PDI09 is.
Plus, both of these amps have a line output, meaning that you can directly connect them to audio interfaces without having to use any gimmick in between.

Between the ENGL and the HT5 I'd choose the ENGL any day.
For serious, it blows the HT5 away.
And you might wanna buy an audio interface together with the ENGL, so go and read the interfaces sticky.
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Thanks for reply. I have Red Box classic and it is a great device. I used it with many pedals and my ex amps fx send. And yes you are right Palmer has no speaker in.

Btw I usually use preamp out to DI box. And I wonder power amp out and DI box is great option or not. I will use a load box includes Line out. And I plan Line out to DI box.

But if you say no big differences between pre out and poweramp out when using DI box, I will focus Engl E530-->Redbox-->Soundcard. (my soundcard is impact twin)

Thanks again for great helps.
Thanks for reply. I think I will go on with preamp out

Actually I'm a big fan of Satriani. And I really love his recording tones. (not live) And I think he mostly used direct recording method at his records. (Marshall, Mesa amps poweramp out -->Palmer PDI03) Indeed my tones are too close to Satriani album tones with Boss ds-1-->amp preamp out and Redbox. But I just wondered poweramp out to redbox will more close Satriani tones?

And I know Palmer PDI is another league. It has loadbox, cab sim etc.
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I have a redbox out on my Huges & Kettner Tubeminster 18, trust me, redbox is not all that great to a good cab sim and quality impulses.

Don't know much about satriani tones or how he recorded, but the only good quality way I've found for recording line in using the power amp is with my Aracom Dag150 attenuator, which has a line level output and gives you the entire raw signal with no coloration. Course it costs a $1000, but it's the greatest thing ever.

You can get catharsis's impulses from the forums here, there free to download. If you wanna get a good start, download those and use them.