some good ideas. I feel like if you made the drums a little more aggressive the song could benefit pretty well from it. It's good as stands though, nice job man.
The pounding drums compliment the guitars well in the intro. Sets the track up very well. Honestly, the vocals aren't good. They're very weak, don't have the backing they should have for that 'punch' I like in metal vocals. The idea is great, but the execution isn't. Solid guitar playing and excellent riffwork. Is there bass? If so, I can't pick it out. The drums keep the track flowing, but they could use a lot of flare. It seems to stay within a certain rhythm area. Could use more fills, breaks, and maybe a cymbal swell or two. It's great track, don't get me wrong. It just needs some work done. Also, get a pop-filter for those vocals. You need one badly. Hope my crit helps you out!