Hi everyone ,this is my first thread ever ,I am desperate beyond belief ..

I've heard this song playing on tv (Sony Max channel)

Extremely catchy song and I love it ,but do you think I'm able to find it ?? Thats a no

I've managed to record a short bit of the song ,music recognition software also cant help me out ,so I'm stuck ..

Please ,if you are willing to help me try and find the song I'm looking for ,drop me a post and I can email the soundclip to you with hopes that you might know the Artist and/or song name.

Thank you Ultimate Guitarists
I don't know what it is but it does sound like RATM. Maybe it's Audioslave?
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i'll look at it but i doubt it ..

thanks for your help .. i dont know what else to try and who else to ask ..
To the parties interested ,I found the song ,It can be found on www.audionetwork.com - Its not a band ,just some random song this dude made for production use ,as in tv shows ..
Gareth Johnson -Ritual