I wanna know how is the pick up that comes with sterling Jp 60 .. Is it versatile ? i would like to know more about the negetive sides .. what are the problems uve faced if uve used it ?
If it is the same as the JP100 it is OK but nothing great. I would replace them if I bought it
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Technically the only three JP's in production by Sterling are the JP60, JP70 and JP100D. The JP100D has Crunch Lab and Liquifier pickups by DiMarzio and the others have SBMM pickups.
If you're looking for a six string model I'd say the best bet is the JP100D with the CL/L pups.
EDIT: Apparently Musician's Friend has a JP100 that doesn't have DiMarzios so I don't know. Safe to say the best bet is to get the JP60 at $600 or whatever, see if you like the pups and upgrade them to something better down the road if you don't.
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