Not too bad man. Vocals were a little spotty here and there but hell I never post ANYTHING, who am I to judge. Good overall and not an easy song to render especially with mostly guitar,
Very impressed. A buddy of mine and I were looking to get some covers to hit the town with and I didnt think it would be possible. A little keys and you changed my mind. Nice work!
Quote by pushingthrough
Play that at a club and I gaurantee youll get people singing.

I actually agree with this a lot, this is a very warm and fun song and you do a great job of bringing it to a happy place despite the dark lyrics at the beginning, really touching stuff here! But either way you did a great job in this vid of maintaining that human emotional element that makes it ring out in people's hearts so to speak, you are a really expressive musician, something about your presence is just "big". You can bet I'll be watching out for any new vids you post!