So I have started a search for a wah, which is seemingly one of the toughest pedals to find "the one."

I currently have a Morley Bad Horsie (the first one), I've used it for years and I like it but I find it not doing it for me. The toe end of it is a little harsh.

I went to the local Long and McQuade yesterday and played the Dunlop 535q, Crybaby From Hell, Cantrell wah, and the Mission Engineering Pro Re-Wah. The Re-Wah was amazing but I don't want to spend 300 bucks.

Out of those wahs I felt the 535q was the most useable.

But an Ernie Ball Wah has popped up on Craigslist for $100.

BASICALLY what are your opinions on the Ernie Ball Wah, how does it compare to the 535q tonewise? Youtube videos only tell so much.

As for music styles I play in a hard rock band, and a very heavy punk band, so handling high gain is a must. But I also play a variety of gigs in many different styles so versatility is a must.

Thanks for reading.
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I'd take the 535q because it can cover all your wah needs but the EB Wah is also a damn good wah. Best feature is the on light. Wish more wahs had a friggin on light.
I think that 535Q is much better... features and sound of the 535Q are just amazing!
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I use the Bad Horsie 2 I like it way better than the original. It has the original and the contour wah in one pedal.
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I like Dunlop wah's. They're just great. Ernie Ball is good too, but personnaly I'd go for the 535.
I'd go 535. I've had one for ages and I love it.

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