Hi, so this is the problem: I'm getting this "clicking" noises on the final mix, but when I listen to the guitar without the backing track, the noises are gone. How can I fix it?

This is the track, I think you will need to use headphones to hear the clicks, around the minute 2:50 you can easily hear the clicks


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sounds mighty fine through my KRK's no clicks at all. If its happening when you're listening to it in your DAW then it could be a MIDI issue, if its just with your headphones it could be them or a connection on your interface
I didn't hear any clicks either.
Though I waited for someone else to say it first not to look stupid in case there actually were pops.
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No clicks through my home studio system (Lexicon pre amp to Behringer Truths). Sounds nice.
Sounds like your buffer on your interface is set too low and it's causing audio issues when monitoring.
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