I am seeking wisdom of the UG community once again.

My brother wants to trade a Standard Plaintop Les Paul epiphone for my LG humbucker Godin. His LP is litteraly new in box, and it retails for about 470$ (540$ after taxes). I paid the Godin 735$(after tax) back in 2007. I rarely played this guitar so it stayed in mint condition.

The deal he's offering is: My Godin LG + 200$ for his brand new Epiphone Les paul.

Is it worth it? For basically a newer guitar, maybe better pickups I don't know. It appears to me that I'll be able to get better hard rock tones with an Epi LP.
i'd keep the godin

i don't see why the epi would have better hard rock tones?
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The Epi is probably decent, but the Godin is a better axe, all around.
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Thanks for your opinions! Really helpful in that kind of dilemma