Alright so this is obviously the wrong forum to ask this, but I have no idea on where else to ask.

I just found out about this cool thing and I instantly thought it would be awesome to use this in combination with a guitar and a loop station to create DJ/dubstep-ish music with just this pad and a guitar, would in my opinion could create an awesome fusion.

But it seems the Launchpad S isn't meant to be used with the guitar. It just seems it's connected to a computer and used for DJ performances.

Is there any way to wire this to a guitar amp and play live with a guitar, aswell as looping things you play on the Launchpad S?

The recording forum was the right place to ask.

Anyway, the Launchpads are just midi controllers and they don't even have midi outputs, you gotta connect them to computers to make them do stuff.
And, since they're only midi controllers, they don't emit sound on their own, y'know.

The way to use one in a live performance would be getting some loops and funny sounds, loading them in a DAW (live, ideally), and have the computer operated by the launchpad during your performance, to start the funny sounds and record and loop stuff played with the guitar if you wanna run the guitar through the computer, too.
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