This is long overdue, but here we go.

Rockbass Warwick Streamer Standard

There was a bass clinic held at a local music store with bassist Brad Russell. Check him out if you haven't heard of him. Pretty rad dude. Anyway I won this bass in a free raffle. This was around mid November, so I've had plenty of time to give a decent review. The finish is a transparent satin black. Passive MEC vintage humbuckers. Sound is kind of hard to describe. Very punchy and a lot of output. I started maining this bass at my last couple gigs. Sounds great. Out of the box, it plays pretty damn good. I can do a better setup, but, overall, I'm very impressed with this thing. And who can complain for $free.99?

Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass (Mexican)

I bought this from a friend who lost interest in bass playing and was going to trade it to GC. I refuse to let this happen to a friend, so I bought it for cheap. A previous owner put a Wilkinson bridge and an EMG in the bridge. Right now it's totally useless. It's pretty clear whoever put the EMG in did it wrong. Loud buzzing when plugged in and no output from the EMG. It plays crappy, too. For the price I got it, I should be able to get this thing wired up correctly and do a proper setup and it'll be a badass jazz.

Hard to go wrong on the free one
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