Hi, guys!
I have a 5150 and K-stein but I want to buy a little bit "calmer" amp with great cleans. I play a lot of modern metal, buckethead, death metal etc.
I can not test Egnater Renegade in my country, so I want to ask you: if I will put a screamer in front of the Regade with a little bit more distorted setting than usual, will I get a high gainish tone from the Renegade? I don't wait for a monstrous high gian, but I would like to get something Marshall-style.
Sorry for my English.
I'd say it will.
Worst case you use a distortion pedal, but I think even a boost alone will do.
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It can do very British hard rock sounds by itself and modern rock, so I imagine that a tubescreamer on just the normal boost setting (volume max, gain 0, tone wherever) will make a very heavy sounding distortion.
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Thank you very much! It will be very hard to change tubes for me now...
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KT88's just make everything better.

Unless you're buying NOS.

I do love me some KT88 magic. I used to have a Bogner Shiva with 88s in it, sounded absolutely fantastic compared to the EL34 equipped Shiva.
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Having owned a Renegade for a couple years before selling it, I can tell you that I wasn't impressed with it's metal tones, even with a boost involved. It just didn't have the punch. Maybe if you did the KT88 mod you would feel differently, but it certainly won't get into modern metal territory stock.
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There's a guy on the Sneap forum who just did a comparison between the Renegade and a 6505. Might want to check it out
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There's a guy on the Sneap forum who just did a comparison between the Renegade and a 6505. Might want to check it out

Thank you very much, yea, I have checked it!