I have an electric six string Epiphone SG guitar and want to play in B standard tuning (B tuning), and I was wondering what would be the best gauge of strings for this. Just to clarify, the tuning is 2 whole steps and a half down. Here are the letters of the tuning: B, E, A, D, F, B

Should I just get a pack of strings for a seven string guitar and remove one of the strings? And if so, do I need to remove the highest or lowest string?

Does it take a certain type of six string guitar to be able to handle really heavy gauge guitar strings well? My concern is that because my guitar is just an Epiphone SG, and not a guitar made specifically for metal even though all I really play is metal haha, it won't be able to handle the heavier gauge strings well.
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Buy a seven string set and throw away the high e string. Problem solved
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D’Addario XL baritone .014s are usually cheaper than 7-string sets. But most stores don’t carry them so you’ll have to mail order them. And the guitar will handle the strings just fine. In B, even with .014s, you’ll have less tension than you would with .010s in E. Just get a tech to cut you a new nut (save the existing nut to use again later).
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I use .12-.56 for C and the strings are bit sloppy.
The .12 is acceptable though, so at least .12-.60
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D'addario baritone light 13-62. The tension is perfect for B standard on all strings.

I hate most 7 string sets because the low B is too wimpy in them. In short scale guitars this is even more pronounced.

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On my Jericho Avenger baritone i use 10-52 tuned Drop C and when im going super low like Drop Ab i use Light Baritone strings from D'addario, think they are 13-63. Any heavier and they lose life, if i dont have to go that heavy i try to stay even lighter.

This baritone though its not very big so its like a regs guitar, i kinda forget im playing a longer scaled guitar, so the light strings feel amazing.